Going crazy in the office

Posted on January 14, 2004

OK, this is a bit of a respective entry, as I intended to start this journal when the campaign I am part of started, and now it is only 2 weeks until it concludes. :)

Right, this is a real exercise in group dynamics. I’m running the IT and doing normal office chores in a volunteer campaign office. And basically we’ve got two types of people here. The happy, helpful people who get things done and don’t let things get them down; and the serious (ie you can’t joke with them), depressing people who also get things done, but always complain that we don’t have an office quality printer, that the computers are slow, that the air con is too noisy, and they have an emotive reaction to everything that happens.

And man is that draining to deal with.

Being a volunteer organisation we have little money to spend on things. We have enough to keep the place running, but upgrades, and repairs and the like are not on the cards, because media and campaigning is our focus. Its not like things don’t work. Its just that things aren’t as they would be in the executive world.

Oh well… off to fix the email now.