Public forums doesn't really light a flame in our hearts

Posted on January 30, 2004

Well we ran a forum yesterday which turned out ok depending on how you look at it. I think there is still a lot to learn about advertising events to the public because we only has twice as many in the audience as we did on the panel. However we did have quite a good media turnout, which is good. It means that it was exposed to a lot more people than turned up.

But at least I now know how to set one of these events up. Next time it’ll be better… maybe. Anyway, I’m starting to loose my passion for this campaign. I think because there is only a couple of us who are driving the day-to-day events, which means we miss out on personal time, attending events and interacting with people. Its not that I don’t believe in the goal, but I’m not sure that the sacrifice I make will be justified by the outcome we will achieve.

I’m sure that if there were more people involved that we would achieve far more, and that moral would be far higher. Oh well. I think next time I get involved in this kind of thing I’ll make sure I’m joining a bigger team, with at least one other person who can replace me, because I hate being under the kind of pressure becuase I am virtually on-call all the time.

Until next time