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Technology wars

Talk about not my day. This is my 24hour conical of technology out to hinder me. 1) Following the failure of my hand-me-down printer, I went out to purchase a new one. All I really need it for is printing … Continue reading

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The incomplete client

Of the 3 LJ clients I've tried under linux, none have the complete suite of features which I want/need. These features would be: Client WYSIWYG editing Spell checker Support for tags, moods, etc Offline editing Posting to different journals LogJam … Continue reading

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A new BibTex filter

A new BibTex filter is on its way into Bibus as you read this. Its a total rewrite of the old filter, so it should now support common bibtex markup such as @string, and it will no longer choke when … Continue reading

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New packages

I’ve just added the latest bluez packages (Linux bluetooth stack) to my repository. As well, I have a 2.6.14 kernel built for the IBM Thinkpad t41, with Bluetooth, modem, wireless, trackpad, IBM ACPI, hard drive monitor, etc built in. deb … Continue reading

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Type pad to Drupal

I just bashed out the first installment of my Type Pad To Drupal module. It is pretty complete, allowing you to map type pad bloggers to drupal users, and importing all the comments. It also allows you to upload those … Continue reading

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The continuing plague of dbus (0.23)

I’ve recently found myself stuck in between want and need. The need for a working system, and the want for some more modern gnome apps. And the sticking point. dbus. dbus 0.23, the old API, was becoming pretty widely adopted … Continue reading

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