The continuing plague of dbus (0.23)

Posted on November 3, 2005
Tags: debian

I’ve recently found myself stuck in between want and need. The need for a working system, and the want for some more modern gnome apps. And the sticking point. dbus.

dbus 0.23, the old API, was becoming pretty widely adopted round the place as a nice, simple, IPC protocol, especially when communicating between root and user apps, and especially in the hotplug hardware arena, where multiple apps needed to be notified. Then along came dbus 0.50, with a new API (which is to be expected in beta software), but what didn’t come along was updated to all the main debian packages which used it.

I’ve ended up recompiling lifearea myself, with the threat to do the same with the evolution plugins (so I can get my calendar back).

I have however bought a new toy. A bluetooth card, and headset. But the linux bluetooth stack (bluez) doesn’t even compile. Geez. Will this ever end.

(Not that I’m really complaining, but I’m sure we can learn a few things from this)