Technology wars

Posted on November 28, 2005

Talk about not my day. This is my 24hour conical of technology out to hinder me.

  1. Following the failure of my hand-me-down printer, I went out to purchase a new one. All I really need it for is printing envelopes, and my partner prints BW images. So I grabbed something cheap and nasty. A Canon Pixma IP1600, which ended up being broken straight out of the box. It just would not recognise the printer cartridge. So back to the shop with it… a day later anyway. I had bought it just before the shop closed, so I’ll have to do it tonight.

  2. I finally got the production GridSphere box set up for me, after I went to create WAR files for my projects, I’ve discovered that the Gridsphere ant war target doesn’t work. In fact what it does is war up the gridsphere instance, not the project… damn it

  3. NVU keeps going spastic on my web pages. It puts absolute, not relative links in the background style so I have to edit that by had, it crashes regularly, and the upload manager seems to hang. As much as I love where this app is going, it isn’t there yet. And it isn’t really a problem with the features, its a bug problem. If I ever get through the rest of this stuff I might have a look myself, but they are famous last words.

  4. I also bought a new BlueAnt bluetooth headset, which is meant to do A2DP, which means stereo quality sound… But the software just crashes on my win2k machine, and on my winxp machine, which already has bluetooth in it, it doesn’t even recognise the device. Oh well. It guess it was too good to be true.

What a day.

Tomorrow will be better though!