Blueant Stereo Headphones

Posted on December 20, 2005

Following up from my previous post regarding the BlueAnt bluetooth headset. As you may recall I could not get the software to work correctly, meaning I couldn't use the headset outside of being a hands-free kit. After talking to tech support I was pointed to this file which is the Blueant Browser which should have come with my headset. The version that did, I assume was older and not compatible with the new headset.

So to my objective analysis. I quite like the look of these headphones, however, it really puzzles me why you would make them wrap around the back of your head and not have them be adjustable. One-size-fits-all? I don't think so. It is a real shame, as they are just heavy enough to get uncomfortable after longish periods of wearing.

As stereo output devices they work quite well. Not as well as a pair of hifi quality headphones, but well enough for my purposes.

Under linux, using the alsa-bluetooth driver the headset works quite well as a 2-way (sco) ALSA device, working with my Access Grid and Skype software. However, the A2DP stack didn't work with this headset. To the best of my understanding this is because the blueant headset doesn't support AVDTP which the alsa-bluetooth stack requires. I'm trying to follow this up at the moment, but for now we can only hope!