IP Webcam (ip2031)

Posted on May 9, 2006

Another eBay purchase. An embedded ethernet USB webcam server (IP2031).

It seems like a neat enough unit, running off 5volts. It comes built in with motion detection software, which can upload to an FTP site on change. This seems to operate OK, except for a couple of empty images. Even so, I would like to be able to grab straight to disc, and use motion to do the motion detection.
You can grab individual frames by hitting a http url, but this seems to freeze up after a couple of frames, or at least at a rate >  1fps. They do provide a Java live webcam viewer which achieves 10fps (and uses 100% CPU). After quite a bit of packet sniffing I’ve managed to put together a python class (parent) to grab images from the UDP stream, which doesn’t appear to freeze up (as much).