Bluetooth Fuse OBEXFS under Debian

Because the Gnome Bluetooth tools are not in Debian it makes it kinda hard to transfer files to a BT enabled phone. However, there is a really neat project out there called OBEXFS, which uses Filesystem in Userspace to mount an OBEX device, like a phone, as another folder on your computer.

First thing is to set up the basic system for using fuse

modprobe fuse


echo fuse >> /etc/modules
adduser  fuse

Now, get and compile the obexfs programs

./configure && make && sudo make install

Finally, the magic lines. Nokia phones use channel 10 for OBEX transfer, so:

mkdir -p ~/mnt/bluetooth
obexfs -b <BT MAC ADDRESS> -B 10 ~/mnt/bluetooth/

If you need to find your BT MAC address use:

hcitool scan

apt-get install fuse-utils bluetooth

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6 Responses to Bluetooth Fuse OBEXFS under Debian

  1. ephsmith says:

    Interesting post. Do you use Gnome? If so by way of thanks:

    I often have a need to just quickly send something to my phone (Sony Ericsson z520a). Utilizing obexftp and a nautilus script, you can easily send from anywhere in Gnome.

    We have two phones in the house, so using hcitool, I discovered the respective MAC addresses and exported them to environment $MYPHONE, $HERPHONE as strings.

    Then in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ , I created a send script for each phone using the envrionment variables. Once the scripts were written, I used Nautilus to browse to the nautilus-scripts directory and Suddenly I could Rt-Click anywhere and send to the phones.

    The script was embarrassingly simple and allows for multiple selections:

    for arg
    obexftp -b $FPHONE -p "$arg"

  2. Luke says:

    what about automount??
    that stupid # in the automount device file makes automount stop there…
    by /var/log/debug i can see it tries to mount it with
    mount -t fuse -s -o allow_other,ro obexfs /mount_point
    when it should be
    mount -t fuse -s -o allow_other,ro “obexfs#-bmac_address -B12” /mount_point

    i tried every combination i know with “\”, octal code… i just don’t know what to try now…

  3. MBA says:

    to use with automount I do following

    in auto.misc:
    obex -fstype=fuse,allow_other,… :obexfs_00-11-22-33-44-55#

    somewhere in $PATH:
    vi obexfs_00-11-22-33-44-55 with contents

    bid=`basename $0`
    bid=`echo ${bid##*_} | sed ‘s/-/:/g’`

    exec obexfs -b”$bid” -B4 — “[email protected]

    that all

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