Bluetooth Fuse OBEXFS under Debian

Posted on June 4, 2006

Because the Gnome Bluetooth tools are not in Debian it makes it kinda hard to transfer files to a BT enabled phone. However, there is a really neat project out there called OBEXFS, which uses Filesystem in Userspace to mount an OBEX device, like a phone, as another folder on your computer.

First thing is to set up the basic system for using fuse
modprobe fuse
echo fuse >> /etc/modules
adduser  fuse
Now, get and compile the obexfs programs
./configure && make && sudo make install
Finally, the magic lines. Nokia phones use channel 10 for OBEX transfer, so:
mkdir -p ~/mnt/bluetooth
obexfs -b <BT MAC ADDRESS> -B 10 ~/mnt/bluetooth/
If you need to find your BT MAC address use:
hcitool scan

Requirements: apt-get install fuse-utils bluetooth