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Please vote for this

This is my partner’s work, and you help in voting for her would be greatly appreciated. powered by performancing firefox

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Improved robustness to bibtex parser

Over the past week I’ve been working heavly working on the BibTeX importer for Bibus. As part of this, I’ve collected several large Bibtex databases, which are used in my testcase runner, which tests this parser against the Pybliographer. Now … Continue reading

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SolarLibrary released

Well, after 2 days of development and testing, I’ve just released SolarLibrary 0.1. Along with this is a new, bug fix version of SolarCategories, which mainly deals with UI issues born out of never using my own interface :). So, … Continue reading

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Working on SolarLibrary

I’ve just started cutting new code for SolarLibrary, which is supost to be a partially structed, categorised repository for different types of data, built as a Mambo component. The reason for doing this is for my purposes, I want links, … Continue reading

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Retrofitting hybrid car technology

After having driven a hybrid car for the first time I was curious if it would be possible to retrofit this kind of technology to an existing vehicle. Basically an electric drive which connects into the crank, or there abouts, … Continue reading

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