Improved robustness to bibtex parser

Posted on July 21, 2006

Over the past week I’ve been working heavly working on the BibTeX importer for Bibus. As part of this, I’ve collected several large Bibtex databases, which are used in my testcase runner, which tests this parser against the Pybliographer. Now the differences are largely cosmetic.

Not all bibtex fields exist within bibus. For instance:

  1. key
  2. subject
  3. email
  4. lcsn which can possibly be mapped to location?
  5. except
  6. class
  7. jel
  8. authorx

Also, due to the fact bibus uses VARCHAR(255) fields for everything except Abstract, some fields, like annote which can be big, end up being truncated.

You should be able to just drop the following file into the Import directory of bibus (cvs)


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