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RSS column view (Line Up)

I just whipped up a planet style RSS syndicator, with one subtle difference. It displays feeds in columns. Why? SVN logs + developer logs = accountability/review/fun. I’m a little surprised something like this didn’t already exists (which was somewhere I … Continue reading

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Personal flash video player

With this handy little util, flash video player, and ffmpeg to do the conversion it is easy to embed videos in your website, without having to use a video sharing site like youtube. This is of great importance to intranets, … Continue reading

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PHP internal server error

I think my cpanel host recently upgraded some software on their server, and suddenly all my usual proceedures for rolling out web apps broke, with Internal server errors and this in the error log “error: directory is writable by others”. … Continue reading

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Quick survey of useful Drupal 4.7 modules

All these modules are related to blogging, and information gathering, rather than social networking, or any of the other roles Drupal fulfills. Related LinksThe related links module allow you to specify external links which relate to the entry. It also, … Continue reading

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