Monthly Archives: November 2006

Roof colours impact on temperature

These are some preliminary results for roof colour tests I am conducting. The setup is 8 equal sized pieces of roofing material, some painted with different coloured roof paints. They were left out in full 12noon summer sun (Lat 19 … Continue reading

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Migrating Drupal using phpmyadmin and CLI

I recently had to migrate a Drupal site from a CPanel site, to a host where I had SSH access. The only logical way I could extract the database was using phpmyadmin’s export function. Then I had to import it … Continue reading

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Purging BSPlayer

A year or so ago I found this neat little video player for Windows [sic] called BSPlayer. Recently it started playing up, so I went looking for an updates, and installed BSPlayer 3. Along with this version comes a little … Continue reading

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