Sound and S3 (suspend to ram)

Following S3 (suspend to ram) finally working on my laptop a new side-effect, or hidden bug has emerged. After a prolonged suspension (>5 min) parts of the sound system stop working. The symptoms follow:

  • ALSA apps like RhythmBox and Xine -A alsa freeze (Xine always, RhythmBox always)
  • ALSA apps like aplay work
  • OSS apps like Xine -A oss work
  • Reloading alsa drivers does not help

I’m going to post this around the forums and report any successes back here.

Update: Kernel 2.6.20 seems to fix this issue. I don’t know which patch does it though.

Update: Nope, still broken!

Update: I notice that Banshee, Rythmbox and gstreamer-properties all freeze. The common component, gstreamer. hmm. Just more leads at the moment.

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