24 Hours with Vista

Posted on March 15, 2007

I’m not normally one to venture into a new Microsoft OS, but this situation came about out of necessity, not choice. We needed a cheap laptop, and the cheapest one on the shelf came with Vista home basic. So, lets start with some positives.

The general interface seems to have greatly improved. The start menu is a lot more powerful than the old one, and appears to be a cross between Mac OSX and Gnome. Thankfully home basic doesn’t include all the GUI wankery which I’ve seen on TV, so I wasn’t put off by that. However, I do find it annoying that they ship it with a laptop which only just has enough power to run it. I mean, if they had shipped XP then this laptop would have been cheap and powerful, instead it is cheap and clunky.

So whats the matter with it? Well, it too almost an hour and a half to do the initial setup and registration. I could have installed my entire suite of software and XP in that time. And that’s before the Acer software set itself up. Also, the MSN messenger vista installs (8.1) doesn’t work with vista, you have to downgrade to 8.9

Then there is the networking. At work we use WPA Enterprise + PEAP + MSCHAP + TKIP - CERTS. Vista will just not connect to this network, and from all reports this is not an uncommon problem. So, not wireless. It does however work ok with WPA2 Personal?!?

We’ll have to see how the next 24 hours go, else I’ll have to go back to XP.

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