Moving keywords(subjects) in plone

Posted on May 26, 2007

In plone, one of the fundamental UI issues I have/had was the Keywords list was on the Properties form. So you would have to save you document, then goto properties select your keywords, then save again. Putting it at the bottom of the edit form would be far more useful, and useable. So, here is the monkey patch I’ve written to move the keywords (subject) properties to the edit form. This is implemented in the Archer product I produced for work.

from Products.ATContentTypes.content import document, file, link, event
document.ATDocumentSchema['subject'].schemata = 'default'
document.ATDocumentSchema.moveField('subject', before='relatedItems')
file.ATFileSchema['subject'].schemata = 'default'
file.ATFileSchema.moveField('subject', before='relatedItems')
link.ATLinkSchema['subject'].schemata = 'default'
link.ATLinkSchema.moveField('subject', before='relatedItems')
event.ATEventSchema['subject'].schemata = 'default'
event.ATEventSchema.moveField('subject', before='relatedItems')

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