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Replacement for document.all

document.all was replaced by document.getElementsByTagName(“*”) in the W3C spec.

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Maven-Ant hybrid

Some brief background. Ant is the stock standard Java build system, much as Make is for C/C++. Maven is a newer Java build system which tried to, amongst other things, solver the Jar dependency hell problem, as well as make … Continue reading

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Grouped Plone keywords

┬áThe keywords system is plone is ok, but it’s not great. There is a few alternative such as Portal Taxonomy, and it is quite well discussed elsewhere. However, most systems I’ve seen replace the keywords system entirely, meaning that only … Continue reading

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Multi-node PBS script for non-mpi jobs

A PBS script I wrote to allow me to spawn across multiple nodes, much like mpirun does, except without the MPI. #!/bin/sh #PBS -l nodes=3:ppn=1 NODES=`sort $PBS_NODEFILE` echo $NODES function spawn() { NODE=$1 COUNT=$2 echo Spawning $COUNT on $NODE rsh … Continue reading

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