Grouped Plone keywords

┬áThe keywords system is plone is ok, but it’s not great. There is a few alternative such as Portal Taxonomy, and it is quite well discussed elsewhere. However, most systems I’ve seen replace the keywords system entirely, meaning that only modified/new products can use the improved system. All I wanted was something a little better than the list box, and a 2 level hierarchy would also be nice. Using the existing keyword infrastructure was pretty much a must, so it will tie in to any future core changes to Plone.

So, I devised a widget to replace the keywords widget, which provided a simple hierarchy, and check boxes to select the keywords. It is constructed off the keywords list, with a / used as the separator. ie Group1/KeyWord1. Sooner or later I’ll put it on, but until then it is available from SVN at

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  1. Wyn says:

    Looks useful, doesn’t seem to work yet though, are there dependences (couldn’t see in the code?)
    I would like to get this working so any tips etc would be most welcome

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