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I want the last 2 hours back!

I just spent a few hours writing an Acegi filter to get a certificate from a form post, and put it into a modified User Detail principle. All well and good, except after a redirect back to / I got … Continue reading

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Spring and JNDI (Tomcat or Jetty)

Recently I had need to deploy some Spring webapps which required predeploy configuration. Being the first time I had to find a serious answer I looked to the mythical JNDI for an answer. This document is meant to complement other … Continue reading

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Maven classpath issues at compile time

Here’s a very weird Maven/Java issue. The error message (below) occurs in my build phase where JaxB is called to produce some Java objects from XML. JaxB calls HyperJaxB, and on some systems it crashes. [ERROR] XJC while compiling schema(s): … Continue reading

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Improving Trac – Version, milestones, tickets and reports.

We’ve been using Trac for some time as a development and project management tool. It does have it’s shortcomings, but it is very easy to extend. The most recent issue I’ve had is trying to retrofit a hierarchy to the … Continue reading

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