Writting a DiigoDelicious plugin for Conduit

Posted on August 3, 2008

Tonight I started trying to write a bookmark syncing tool for my Delicious and Diigo bookmarks. Being of the Python persuasion I gave Conduit 0.3.11 a spin as the framework. This turned out to be a good choice, except for the incorrect documentation which suggests that custom modules should be placed in ~/.conduit/modules. In fact they should go in ~/.config/conduit/modules.

I got as far as writing a Bookmark data type (from the marketing I would have thought this should have already existed), and a Diigo data source. When I turned to the Delicious side of the equation I discovered that:

  1. The API has just changed; and
  2. The library I wanted to use (DeliciousAPI) doesn’t seem to support adding/updating entries.

So the project is now on hold until the Delicious API is updated to the latest API. Either way, Conduit seems like a very flexible framework and I hope it has long-term prosperity. Perhaps in due course it could natively support bluetooth SyncML ;)