Writting a DiigoDelicious plugin for Conduit

Tonight I started trying to write a bookmark syncing tool for my Delicious and Diigo bookmarks. Being of the Python persuasion I gave Conduit 0.3.11 a spin as the framework. This turned out to be a good choice, except for the incorrect documentation which suggests that custom modules should be placed in ~/.conduit/modules. In fact they should go in ~/.config/conduit/modules.

I got as far as writing a Bookmark data type (from the marketing I would have thought this should have already existed), and a Diigo data source. When I turned to the Delicious side of the equation I discovered that:

  1. The API has just changed; and
  2. The library I wanted to use (DeliciousAPI) doesn’t seem to support adding/updating entries.

So the project is now on hold until the Delicious API is updated to the latest API. Either way, Conduit seems like a very flexible framework and I hope it has long-term prosperity. Perhaps in due course it could natively support bluetooth SyncML 😉

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2 Responses to Writting a DiigoDelicious plugin for Conduit

  1. John Stowers says:


    I am the author of Conduit. I corrected the documentation based on your feedback. We also recently added a Bookmark datatype to Conduit 0.3.13. I would recommend upgrading if you continue with this project. If you use Ubuntu Hardy you can use our PPA.

    Hope you like hacking on Conduit!


  2. Nigel says:

    Hi John, I’m must say I’m impressed how quickly you found and responded to my post.

    I’ve followed your advice and upgraded to Conduit 0.3.13, and started using the builtin bookmark data type. Apparently I was also wrong about the delicious API not being able to perform updates at the moment.

    I’ve got downloads working for both APIs now, and hopefully next weekend I’ll get the uploading happening too.


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