From the desk in 60 seconds

Posted on September 27, 2008

Quick roundup of whats what:
1) Wireless in UK hotels.

It’s bad. I went to Edinburgh, Manchester and London recently and stayed in some ok 3 and 4 star hotels which all advertised wifi/internet access. Here’s the rundown:
 a) Grassmarket hotel in Edinburgh: Free wireless only available in the pub/common rooms
 b) Fountain Court - Harris in Edinburgh: Really fast and reliable free wireless in the room
 c) The Palace Hotel in Manchester: Fast, expensive wired access in the room.
 d) St Mark Hotel, Earls Court in London: Didn’t actually advertise wifi, and didn’t have it :)

2) Inheriting templates with chameleon.zpt (1.0a1) and repoze.bfg (0.3.8)

This is only noteworthy because it isn’t documented. I’m assuming the reader knows how to do metal/tal in zope.

Create a in the usual way, using <html metal:define-macro=“master” and metal:define-slot=“main”.

Create a template pt with <html metal:use-macro=“main.macros[‘master’]” and metal:fill-slot=“main”.

The trick is to manually load the master and pass it to the render_to_response. In the Django PT renderer they scan the templates dir and load all the templates, making this unnecessary.

3) Text to speech hotkey in Gnome

First, install festival and xclip.
Next, get the script off the gentoo wiki, and make it executable.
Now, fire up gconf-editor, browse to app/metacity/keybinding_commands
Find a spare command and put in the path to the script.
Finally browse to app/metacity/global_keybindings, find the run_command_# key and enter the hotkey you want.

Now test it out. It should work on selected text, ie no need to copy it explicitly. (Gnome gets notified when you change things in gconf so there is no service restarting).