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Four things which would make my Linux wonderful

1. Presentation controller for my bluetooth phone In fact this already exists, in many forms apparently. The trick for me was to get it working. If I was to derive it from scratch I would have made a simple, mappable … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Fuse OBEXFS under Debian

Because the Gnome Bluetooth tools are not in Debian it makes it kinda hard to transfer files to a BT enabled phone. However, there is a really neat project out there called OBEXFS, which uses Filesystem in Userspace to mount … Continue reading

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Blueant Stereo Headphones

Following up from my previous post regarding the BlueAnt bluetooth headset. As you may recall I could not get the software to work correctly, meaning I couldn't use the headset outside of being a hands-free kit. After talking to tech … Continue reading

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