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Lenny missing out

As a long time Debian user I have really come to appreciate the Debian repository system. With stable, testing, unstable and experimental points in the release cycle to choose from. Typically I run testing, with occasional packages from unstable and … Continue reading

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Writting a DiigoDelicious plugin for Conduit

Tonight I started trying to write a bookmark syncing tool for my Delicious and Diigo bookmarks. Being of the Python persuasion I gave Conduit 0.3.11 a spin as the framework. This turned out to be a good choice, except for … Continue reading

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Slashdot | Is Apple Killing Linux on the Desktop?

Slashdot | Is Apple Killing Linux on the Desktop?This is a summary of my experiences walking the path between Linux (Ubuntu/Gnome) and OSX. For background I’ve been using Linux on the desktop for about 7 years, and only in the … Continue reading

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Sound and S3 (suspend to ram)

Following S3 (suspend to ram) finally working on my laptop a new side-effect, or hidden bug has emerged. After a prolonged suspension (>5 min) parts of the sound system stop working. The symptoms follow: ALSA apps like RhythmBox and Xine … Continue reading

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Four things which would make my Linux wonderful

1. Presentation controller for my bluetooth phone In fact this already exists, in many forms apparently. The trick for me was to get it working. If I was to derive it from scratch I would have made a simple, mappable … Continue reading

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Python packaging: freevo

I’ve been packaging up some of the libraries required for Freevo, like pylirc and kaa-*. These are a few note for future reference. Make sure the includes are in this order: include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mkinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/ The reverse (as seen in some … Continue reading

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T41 suspend to ram finally working

After an upgrade from kernel 2.6.17 to 2.6.19 I noticed that my Thinkpad T41 was no longer hot. A quick look through the kernel changelogs reveiled that the nasty ACPI bug has finally been fixed. My laptop now has all … Continue reading

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Photosmart 2575

I just got a HP photosmart 2575, which I will probably post more about in due course, but the useful snippet I am contributing today is this. If you want to scan over the network, you can use XSane, so … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Fuse OBEXFS under Debian

Because the Gnome Bluetooth tools are not in Debian it makes it kinda hard to transfer files to a BT enabled phone. However, there is a really neat project out there called OBEXFS, which uses Filesystem in Userspace to mount … Continue reading

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The long journey to linux DVB

Copy your channels.conf file into ~/.xine or ~/.mplayer then start the player with gxine “dvb://TV CHANNEL” or mplayer “dvb://TV CHANNEL” This should get you going. You could also try a far more manual approach shown here Cron is my TiVo … Continue reading

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