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el cheapo webcam working

Finally, after several weeks, my cheap eBay webcam has arrived. I bought it because I needed a cheap and nasty webcam for Access Grid nodes, but I was also curious about it's linux compatibility… and it's all good. It works … Continue reading

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!(RadioXtreme USB Radio && Linux)

RadioXtreme USB Radio (USB ID 1527:0301) was not what I expected. It is just a radio tuner with an analogue output, not a built in USB sound card like I expected. On top of this, it isn't supported at all … Continue reading

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Blueant Stereo Headphones

Following up from my previous post regarding the BlueAnt bluetooth headset. As you may recall I could not get the software to work correctly, meaning I couldn't use the headset outside of being a hands-free kit. After talking to tech … Continue reading

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The incomplete client

Of the 3 LJ clients I've tried under linux, none have the complete suite of features which I want/need. These features would be: Client WYSIWYG editing Spell checker Support for tags, moods, etc Offline editing Posting to different journals LogJam … Continue reading

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New packages

I’ve just added the latest bluez packages (Linux bluetooth stack) to my repository. As well, I have a 2.6.14 kernel built for the IBM Thinkpad t41, with Bluetooth, modem, wireless, trackpad, IBM ACPI, hard drive monitor, etc built in. deb … Continue reading

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The continuing plague of dbus (0.23)

I’ve recently found myself stuck in between want and need. The need for a working system, and the want for some more modern gnome apps. And the sticking point. dbus. dbus 0.23, the old API, was becoming pretty widely adopted … Continue reading

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avahi killed my java

After upgrading my mDNS responder from howl to avahi jmDNS died. Well, jmDNS stopped working, and avahi segfaulted to be precise. avahi has become debian’s official mdns responder, due mainly to licensing reasons, but unfortunately it does not allow any … Continue reading

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