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Debugging connection pool leak in Apache HTTP Client

I recently had an issue using the Apache HTTP Client pooling library where after a while threads would just block when trying to open connections. It didn’t take too much to figure out that the thread pool was being exhausted, … Continue reading

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Spring @Autowired – Use interfaces!

Here’s a little lesson that I had to relearn today: When using Spring use interfaces. The premise was I had a DAO bean that was configured with Spring, and it was @Autowired into my controller (or test case in this … Continue reading

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Preauth in Spring Security 3.x

Sometimes in a webapp you will be in a situation where a filter/app/container other than Spring will be responsible for authenticating a user and setting the user principal, leaving the authz to the Spring webapp. A portlet container is a … Continue reading

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Projects for the new year

These are some project idea’s I’ve been sitting on all year and have not yet started, but hope to in the new year. 1. Python CMS framework in the vein of Drupal, based on Repoze BFG So Drupal is quite … Continue reading

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ZSI -> CXF: Parameters coming in as NULL

Recounting a strange little compatibility issue I had between ZSI 2.0 and CXF 2.0.x. I was using CXF as the server, running from Maven using Jetty, and ZSI as the client. The parameters from the ZSI were arriving at the … Continue reading

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Trac taking a hammering

At work we have one VM which hosts all our project management software like Git, SVN, Trac and Bugzilla. However, recently it has been taking a hammering and essentially crashing. The issue was it was running out of RAM, and … Continue reading

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Zope3 Component Architecture (CA) style Adapters for Java

After programming for Zope3/Plone for the past year I’ve come to really admire the flexibility and elegance that their implementation of the adapter pattern gives us. And, after Martin Aspeli put the call out almost a year ago, and it … Continue reading

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From the desk in 60 seconds

Quick roundup of whats what:1) Wireless in UK hotels. It’s bad. I went to Edinburgh, Manchester and London recently and stayed in some ok 3 and 4 star hotels which all advertised wifi/internet access. Here’s the rundown: a) Grassmarket hotel in … Continue reading

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Writting a DiigoDelicious plugin for Conduit

Tonight I started trying to write a bookmark syncing tool for my Delicious and Diigo bookmarks. Being of the Python persuasion I gave Conduit 0.3.11 a spin as the framework. This turned out to be a good choice, except for … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on a dynamic (lazy) data access layer for web services

The problem I’ve been address in my most recent work block has been to develop an interface to a relational data store which can be used either as a local DB, or via webservices. The concept is quite straight forward, … Continue reading

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