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The strange beast of PyTZ and datetime

The crux of this post is, make sure to never use datetime.replace(tzinfo=…) when working with PyTZ, use tz.localize(…) instead, otherwise you’ll end up with some very strange times. The PyTZ docs do mention this helper method as a way to … Continue reading

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Using MapMessage with ActiveMQ with a Python consumer

Out of the box a STOMP consumer on an ActiveMQ broker will be able to receive TextMessages, but MapMessages will arrive without content. This is because we need to specify a converter to ActiveMQ(?) which we can do in the … Continue reading

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ZSI -> CXF: Parameters coming in as NULL

Recounting a strange little compatibility issue I had between ZSI 2.0 and CXF 2.0.x. I was using CXF as the server, running from Maven using Jetty, and ZSI as the client. The parameters from the ZSI were arriving at the … Continue reading

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Trac taking a hammering

At work we have one VM which hosts all our project management software like Git, SVN, Trac and Bugzilla. However, recently it has been taking a hammering and essentially crashing. The issue was it was running out of RAM, and … Continue reading

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Zope3 Component Architecture (CA) style Adapters for Java

After programming for Zope3/Plone for the past year I’ve come to really admire the flexibility and elegance that their implementation of the adapter pattern gives us. And, after Martin Aspeli put the call out almost a year ago, and it … Continue reading

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From the desk in 60 seconds

Quick roundup of whats what:1) Wireless in UK hotels. It’s bad. I went to Edinburgh, Manchester and London recently and stayed in some ok 3 and 4 star hotels which all advertised wifi/internet access. Here’s the rundown: a) Grassmarket hotel in … Continue reading

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Writting a DiigoDelicious plugin for Conduit

Tonight I started trying to write a bookmark syncing tool for my Delicious and Diigo bookmarks. Being of the Python persuasion I gave Conduit 0.3.11 a spin as the framework. This turned out to be a good choice, except for … Continue reading

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Improving Trac – Version, milestones, tickets and reports.

We’ve been using Trac for some time as a development and project management tool. It does have it’s shortcomings, but it is very easy to extend. The most recent issue I’ve had is trying to retrofit a hierarchy to the … Continue reading

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Moving keywords(subjects) in plone

In plone, one of the fundamental UI issues I have/had was the Keywords list was on the Properties form. So you would have to save you document, then goto properties select your keywords, then save again. Putting it at the … Continue reading

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RSS column view (Line Up)

I just whipped up a planet style RSS syndicator, with one subtle difference. It displays feeds in columns. Why? SVN logs + developer logs = accountability/review/fun. I’m a little surprised something like this didn’t already exists (which was somewhere I … Continue reading

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