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Improved robustness to bibtex parser

Over the past week I’ve been working heavly working on the BibTeX importer for Bibus. As part of this, I’ve collected several large Bibtex databases, which are used in my testcase runner, which tests this parser against the Pybliographer. Now … Continue reading

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HTML table parser using Python

More on the python front. This is my first cut at extracting HTML tables from webpages, and returning them in arrays, using Python. (Files here) The usage would look something like this: import urllib from table_parser import * f = … Continue reading

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Date sweep

On more than one occasion I've needed to iterate over all dates between two dates, and although the code and concept are trivial it does normally take up 20 minutes to find the exact classes to use, simply because it … Continue reading

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IP Webcam (ip2031)

Another eBay purchase. An embedded ethernet USB webcam server (IP2031). It seems like a neat enough unit, running off 5volts. It comes built in with motion detection software, which can upload to an FTP site on change. This seems to … Continue reading

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gHDTV 0.1

gHDTV is a GTK based DVB channel changer with viewer provided by MPlayer. The aim is to produce an reliable, neat DVB viewer, without the need for all the overhead of a PVR, and with more features than MPlayer or … Continue reading

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