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Saltstack: Passing objects to templates

Quick one. When you pass a variable like this to a template through the context/default parameter it is iterpreted as a literal string: server_xml: file: – managed – name: /opt/tomcat/conf/server.xml – template: jinja – source: salt://tomcat/files/server.xml.tmpl – context: deploy_conf: deploy_conf … Continue reading

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Projects for the new year

These are some project idea’s I’ve been sitting on all year and have not yet started, but hope to in the new year. 1. Python CMS framework in the vein of Drupal, based on Repoze BFG So Drupal is quite … Continue reading

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Slashdot | Is Apple Killing Linux on the Desktop?

Slashdot | Is Apple Killing Linux on the Desktop?This is a summary of my experiences walking the path between Linux (Ubuntu/Gnome) and OSX. For background I’ve been using Linux on the desktop for about 7 years, and only in the … Continue reading

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Maven-Ant hybrid

Some brief background. Ant is the stock standard Java build system, much as Make is for C/C++. Maven is a newer Java build system which tried to, amongst other things, solver the Jar dependency hell problem, as well as make … Continue reading

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24 Hours with Vista

I’m not normally one to venture into a new Microsoft OS, but this situation came about out of necessity, not choice. We needed a cheap laptop, and the cheapest one on the shelf came with Vista home basic. So, lets … Continue reading

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Four things which would make my Linux wonderful

1. Presentation controller for my bluetooth phone In fact this already exists, in many forms apparently. The trick for me was to get it working. If I was to derive it from scratch I would have made a simple, mappable … Continue reading

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T41 suspend to ram finally working

After an upgrade from kernel 2.6.17 to 2.6.19 I noticed that my Thinkpad T41 was no longer hot. A quick look through the kernel changelogs reveiled that the nasty ACPI bug has finally been fixed. My laptop now has all … Continue reading

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Purging BSPlayer

A year or so ago I found this neat little video player for Windows [sic] called BSPlayer. Recently it started playing up, so I went looking for an updates, and installed BSPlayer 3. Along with this version comes a little … Continue reading

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Generics, but not flexible

After a long time I finally decided to give the new facilities of Java 1.5 a go. What I needed to do was create a class which provided methods for working with matrices, so I wanted to be able to … Continue reading

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Retrofitting hybrid car technology

After having driven a hybrid car for the first time I was curious if it would be possible to retrofit this kind of technology to an existing vehicle. Basically an electric drive which connects into the crank, or there abouts, … Continue reading

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