Working on SolarLibrary

Posted on July 3, 2006
Tags: Mambo

I’ve just started cutting new code for SolarLibrary, which is supost to be a partially structed, categorised repository for different types of data, built as a Mambo component. The reason for doing this is for my purposes, I want links, text, files extra to all share the same category space, and be accessable through the same brower view. This is very Drupalesk. But at the moment drupal also doesn’t fit this bill, and I don’t really like the module architecture, which I am quite fond of the Mambo architecture. Besides, I have several other Mambo components which could do with a minor overhaul, and building this component justifies it.

So, a few notes. There is a bit of a consistancy problem with how the mambo (4.5) HTML functions work. Some will return a string you need to print (mosHTML::selectList), which others, like the editingArea directly echo the HTML, which of course stuffs up my display methods which would normally buffer the writes, and then echo these. I have not yet looked at 4.6, but things may have been cleaned up in this respect.