Last updated: 7 March 2024

Web Ring Revival

This probably already exists, I’m just out of the loop.

Back in the early days of the internet, when everyone had a hand crafted HTML website, there were webrings. These were a little banner/spinner that would take you to other sites within the webring that the current site was part of. It was a way of finding things before Hacker News.

This probably isn’t very interesting on it’s own. But, if the site’s self hosted comments (like remark42) could also be aggregated up to the webring, then you could get a “fediverse” Reddit style site. People could discover related articles, but the comments would sit on the actual article, not off on another platform.

PKI On The Web

I do wonder, if in a world where so much can be generated cheaply, thus driving up the noise level, if web-of-trust style PKI (GPG, etc) will have find a new audience. Signed, and easily verified blog posts, etc.

Centralised “trust”, unless strongly verified, is quite open to exploitation (see X’s “verified” bot army). But, if you have the right visibility, and are willing to prune your network, having a web of people maybe within 2 degrees of yourself, from whom you trust content…