Roof colours impact on temperature

Posted on November 29, 2006
Tags: housing

These are some preliminary results for roof colour tests I am conducting. The setup is 8 equal sized pieces of roofing material, some painted with different coloured roof paints. They were left out in full 12noon summer sun (Lat 19 south), and the temperature of the under side of the material was measured after 30 minutes exposure. Results follow:

  1. White Colour Bond 48C
  2. Painted white Zincalume 45C
  3. 2 coats painted white Zincalume 43C
  4. 2 coats painted white Colour Bond 45C
  5. Black painted Zincalume 70C
  6. Silver painted Zincalume 63C
  7. Gold painted Zincalume 60C
  8. Unpainted Zincalume 50C

I’m going to conduct this again soon, with an 8 channel data logger, so more precise results can be presented. But for now, you can get the jist of what is happening.

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