MyProxy server segfaulting

Posted on April 22, 2008
Tags: grid, work

Setting up a new MyProxy (v3.9 12 Jun 2007 PAM OCSP) from VDT 1.8.1 I ran across an annoying segfault issue when running the server to run as a CA, in debug mode.

# myproxy-server -dmax_proxy_lifetime: 43200 seconds
PAM enabled, policy requiredCA enabledmax certificate lifetime: 43200 seconds
using storage directory /var/myproxy
Starting myproxy-server on localhost:7512...
Connection from
using trusted certificates directory /opt/vdt/globus/TRUSTED_CA
Authenticated client <anonymous>
applying trusted_retrievers policy
trusted retrievers policy matched
applying authorized_retrievers policy
applying authorized_renewers policy
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

Note, the client can connect and only fails once the client responds with their credentials. Using GDB I got the stack trace of the issue:

#0  0x008f3950 in strip_newlines (string=0x901d13 "unknown error\\n")    at myproxy_log.c:72
#1  0x008f3a95 in myproxy_log_verror () at myproxy_log.c:141
#2  0x0804ca27 in myproxy_authorize_accept (context=0x9fcc020,     attrs=0x9fcc008, client_request=0x9fd70c0, client=0xbfd892e0)    at myproxy_server.c:1445
#3  0x0804ae5a in handle_client (attrs=0x9fcc008, context=0x9fcc020)    at myproxy_server.c:465
#4  0x0804a932 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbfd897e4) at myproxy_server.c:308

Noting that the exception is in the myproxy\_log\_verror method, and looking at the myproxy code I found this method is only activated when in debug mode. So, assuming all my config was good I ran the myproxy-server proper and all was good.